The trinity of body - soul and spirit defines our lives. We may choose not to pay special attention to them, but they are essentially subconsciously striving for symbiosis. However, there are life situations when they tip over and one gets overwhelmed. In our world, this is usually our mind. We live in our minds in an extraordinary way, devoting little time to our body and soul.

At Madre, we are committed to providing easily accessible tools to restore this symbiosis even to those who may not feel the need on their own.


Beauty care is a way to easily achieve this. And Gua Sha is our perfect tool that goes beyond this and unobtrusively introduces those who would consciously devote less time to the deeper worlds.

We feel that by doing so, we can open the door for ourselves and others to understand and accept Themselves by learning and evolving together, and thereby live a fuller, more conscious, and freer life.

In addition to beauty care, we will soon be introducing into our repertoire methods where you can look into the deeper layers of body and soul with us, using similarly light and enjoyable tools!

Come with us on this journey!